• Le salon d'Eugénie offers a large choice of pastries, homemade on site by our pastry chef.

    Flour, eggs, butter, milk : it is the golden rule of the house !

    You can taste them on site :

    For dessert, to end the meal, As a collation during the day, especially during snack or tea time

    You can also take individual peace away the same day or order a full cake 48 hours in advance.

  • A large choice is offered to you every day, you will find :

    Muffin's (chocolate, raspberry or blueberries) Giant cookies Cookies without gluten Chocolate fondant Chocolate fluid Our specialty : Eugénie's pie, (raspberry clafoutis, light raspberry cream, italian meringue) Banofi, (crunchy dough, caramel bananas, whipped cream) Banogénie (cinnamon crunchy dough, pear layer, chocolate, whipped cream and bitter chocolate) Lemon meringue pie Fruits pie, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries , apples...

  • Depending of time, season, or the mood of the pastry chef ! :

    Raspberries pie, almonds, chocolate Bounty pie Granny apple citronella raspberry pie Chocolat marvellous Raspberry sponge cake, pistachio Raspberry basil pie Forêt noire Chocolate and spices pie

    And a lot more depending on the current trends, and our customer' wishes !

    Come for a tasting !